In this issue:

1) I lost 7 Pounds in One Week: Dr. Cindy Sholes talks about weight loss and rejuvenation

2) Dr. Ray’s and Dr. Sholes’ Free Tele-seminar

3) Q and A: What are the Healthiest Fats?

4) Book Review: The Untethered Soul

5) Recipe: Dill Dressing


Dear Reader:

This August I held my third annual Beauty and Rejuvenation Retreat, and I am so inspired and energized by the wonderful women who I met there that I want to share some of their experiences with all of you.

I’m also thrilled to be working closely with Dr. Cindy Sholes of the Mind Wave Institute, who both participated in and helped to create our retreat. Cindy had her own amazing experiences and breakthroughs in health and well-being while she was there, and this is what she has to say about the retreat.

In response to all of the inquiries we’re getting about future retreats, Dr. Cindy and I have decided to hold a free tele-seminar on September 21st. Click here if you’re interested in participating, or read below to find out more about the call.

One of the key aspects of my retreat — and, really, of all the work that I do — is teaching people how to prepare and consume the healthiest food possible. I get a large number of questions about eating or supplementing with oils: people want to know if fish oil is better than flax oil, if cooking with coconut oil is a healthy option, or if olive oil is a good fat. In this month’s Q and A, I give you the final answer about which oils you should (or shouldn’t) be eating.

I’m still receiving many requests for suggested reading, so this month I wrote a book review of one of my new favorite books. Check it out below, and also visit our Recommended Reading page for other great books.

My newest recipe is a delicious dill salad dressing that I created after harvesting a ton of dill off of my Tower Garden. It’s wonderful on vegetables and salads, so give it a try this month!

Here’s to your health!

Dr. Mitra Ray