Book Review: The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer

On my personal reading list this month was a book that I had no idea would be as eye-opening and liberating as it was. Just after reading the first chapter, I couldn’t help but share this book in every conversation I was having, and with each chapter this enthusiasm grew. This book brings together the wisdom of many ancient cultures and spiritual paths in an elegant, easy to understand manner that is so relevant to our modern life. I normally speed-read through these types of “self-help/transformational” books, as I much prefer to spend my reading time on good fiction, but this is a book to savor.

I only read one chapter a day of The Untethered Soul because I knew it would be important to integrate this wisdom into my being and experience of life. Not only do I recommend The Untethered Soul, I suggest that you too take it slow, and give yourself time to contemplate, synthesize, and embody the teachings. Life is a gift… any lesser perspective is merely a moment of seeing life through the veil of a tethered soul.