We are doing preliminary studies around these longevity issues:

  • hair loss and hair color for men and women
  • prostate issues for men
  • menopause issues for women

If you are interested in participating in our preliminary research with the Institute of Plant Science and Nutrition’ please contact us at support@drmitraray.com.

When I first became involved with Juice Plus+®’ it was simply because it is a great product. Starting the day with Juice Plus+® is a fantastic’ easy first step that helps people immediately improve their blood and other health biomarkers. This regimen also saves people money (reduce future medical costs’ reduce illness days/lost wages) as now shown by research.

While I was initially attracted to the product’ I eventually saw the potential to make money and thus make some of my own dreams come true. So during an interview done over a decade ago for Work At Home magazine’ I was quoted as sharing my dream to fund my own research someday. I recently was reminded of this when a friend pointed out – “hey that day is now here.” I am now in the process of establishing a non-profit foundation: The Institute of Plant Science and Nutrition.

Our first study is a Longevity Study. It involves using an interesting plant of the buckwheat family’ polygonum multiflorum’ commonly called Fo-Ti. Fo-ti is not an herb’ but part of the berry family of plants’ as is buckwheat’ rich in longevity nutrients such as resveratrol. It is also known as Chinese knotweed or He Shou Wu. I wrote about it in my book Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? This study came about rather organically. It began with my own challenge with hair dyes’ to which I am deathly allergic. I realized about one in 200 people who want to dye their hair are in the same boat as me. Let’s face it – hair dye chemicals are toxic’ and deathly so for some part of the population.

I have read about animal studies with Fo-ti and positive changes in life expectancy by increasing the production of superoxide dismutase. This important antioxidant-enzyme helps to protect macromolecules’ such as our DNA’ as we age. In addition’ Fo-ti enhances the adrenocortical function’ which is helpful to me personally because I struggle with cold weather’ and taking Fo-ti helps me stay warm. It also enhances our immune system’s intelligence’ and I have noticed my ability to stay at the top of my game even during my very hectic travel schedule. The best way to explain it is that Fo-ti combined with Juice Plus® gives me a sense of being invincible! This study is the beginning of a series of studies I am interested in doing to further our understanding of improving quality of life as we biologically age.

Fo-ti is also known to reverse graying hairs and even balding. One study showed that 89% of people taking Fo-ti had complete reversal in graying hair. This’ combined with other lifestyle changes that I encourage in my book’ should help create a solution for those of us who don’t have the option of coloring our hair. As a 46-year-old-woman’ I wasn’t ready to turn fully gray and I am so happy to have been introduced to this safe solution’ which has given me other health benefits as well.

According to the Natural Standard Monograph’ a system used to evaluate plants and food sources by the FDA’ Fo-Ti has a history of reversing and preventing the effects of aging. In Chinese medicine’ Fo-Ti is used in supporting and treating the liver’ and in promoting reproductive health. It is also known to be beneficial for the treatment of menopausal symptoms’ and for supporting the urinary tract. Fo-Ti is prescribed to promote longevity’ and is primarily used for graying hair’ premature aging’ weakness’ vaginal discharge’ and erectile dysfunction.

If you are interested in participating in our Longevity Study’ or in purchasing Fo-ti’ please email study@drmitraray.com.

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