In This Issue:

1) Tower Talk: Growing Your Own, with Tim Blank

2) Dr. Ray’s 5 Kitchen Must-Haves

3) Q and A: “Fillers” in Juice Plus®?

4) Recipe: Mitra’s Lean Mean Green Drink

Dear Reader:

I’ve recently returned from an amazing Seattle Summit conference. I am so thrilled with all that I’m learning and sharing about the future of food, and how to (simply and sustainably) produce the food that my own family will eat. Tim Blank, President of Future Growing, LLC, and Green Earth Building Group, LLC, has partnered with NSA and Juice Plus® to make easy, inexpensive, efficient food production work for anyone who has a little bit of patio or deck space, and a love of good food! Read below to find out more about Tim, the Tower Garden®, and the future of food.

Since good food is so important to me, many of you regularly ask about my favorite recipes, and favorite ways to cook. This month’s recipe is my Lean, Mean, Green Drink. It’s just about the best food in the world, and it’s what my whole family has for breakfast every day. You might be familiar with the green drink recipe from my book, Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?, but check out this version if you are ready to take your Green Drink to the next level.

Another aspect of good food and good cooking is having the right tools in your kitchen. Here are my 5 favorite kitchen tools, all of which I rely on daily, and which save time, energy, and money.

We love receiving your questions and comments about health and nutrition. While we aren’t always able to answer them individually, your question might be selected for a future newsletter, so please keep them coming! This month’s question is about fillers in Juice Plus® products.

Lastly, I’m currently on lovely Whidbey Island, Washington, holding my annual Women’s Detox and Rejuvenation Retreat. I look forward to the retreat at least as much as my participants do, as it gives me an opportunity to focus on my own inner-and-outer health and beauty, and to spend time with a unique group of women who are all dedicated to living healthfully. We’ll keep you posted about future retreats.

Enjoy August, and here’s to your health!

Dr. Mitra Ray