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1) Longevity Study

2) Exercise Part Three

3) The Magical Fruit

4) African Stew with Red Beans

5) Florentine Pasta with White Beans

Dear Reader:

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are suddenly enjoying unseasonably warm weather for this time of year, and I’m taking advantage of the sun by going outside and getting some fresh air and sunlight every day. The third and final installment of my exercise series is below in this edition of the newsletter, and I hope that after reading it you’ll be inspired to get outside for at least a few minutes each day. Also in this month’s newsletter is an article on how and why to cook your own beans, followed up by two delicious recipes with beans in the ingredients. Additionally, I’m pleased to announce that my new cookbook is in the works! It’s full of delicious, plant-based whole-food recipes for the entire family, and it will soon be available for pre-order.

This spring is promising to be as action-packed as ever and I hope to get the chance to connect with some of you in person. I’ll be in Kansas the first weekend in March, giving my talk on How to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out. Click here for speaking event information. In April, I’ll be one of four doctors delivering the keynote address at the Juice Plus conference in Phoenix. And due to popular demand, we are planning a second Weight Loss to Wellness Retreat this May. You can listen to some testimonials from graduates of our first retreat here. There are a limited number of spots still available, so please contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about the retreat.

Finally, I’m excited to report that our Longevity Study is off to a great start. We continue to add participants, and we’re looking forward to seeing some fabulous results in the areas of prostate health, menopause, balding, and graying hair. Click the link to learn more about becoming a participant in our study.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. Mitra Ray



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