Dr. Mitra Ray

Dr. Mitra Ray is leading the way in plant-based, whole food nutrition.

Dr. Ray is a Stanford-educated biochemist whose research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society. Dr. Ray provides unparalleled wisdom and knowledge in her understanding of the human body.

Join Dr. Ray and other experts for a week-long workshop focused on detoxification and the development of lifelong habits for wellness. We take a maximum of 12 women through a journey of reestablishing emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Focusing on diet and regenerative yoga helps people become stronger while shedding toxins, excess water, and fat. Dr. Cynthia Sholes provides invaluable Neuro Emotional technique, which participants rave about. Dr. Ray also has a few tricks up her sleeve to help people address health and beauty challenges through totally natural means and new technology, rather than drugs and surgery. While weight loss may not be a universal goal for all participants, past participants have all been happy with the lightness they feel as their bodies become free of toxins. Those with weight loss goals enjoy an average of 10 pounds lost during the retreat. Come and join us for some self-nurturing on beautiful Whidbey Island, and let us pamper you into wellness.

By the end of the week, you will depart rested, refreshed, and energized about your life – a true transformation will occur for you.






Your workshop package includes:

•    Guidance and personal coaching from Dr. Ray and other experts
•    Transportation to and from SeaTac airport and our retreat center
•    7 nights of accommodations at our peaceful, secluded retreat center
•    Healthy, nutrient rich meals
•    Daily learning about your body, your relationship with food, and how to achieve optimum health, i.e. live vitality!
•    Yoga and movement classes
•    Neuroemotional therapy sessions with Dr. Cindy Sholes
•    Cold laser sessions for emotional stress and chronic pain issues with Dr. Mitra Ray
•    Personal consultation with Dr. Mitra Ray for medical conditions
•    Group discussions in which learning and emotional connections are fostered
•    Customized skin therapies / facials
•    Restaurant menu navigation during a meal out with Dr. Ray, and practical solutions to avoid unhealthy pitfalls and achieve wellness when you go out to eat.

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WHEN: August 12th – 19th, 2012
WHERE: Seattle, WA
COST: $3,500
Our week together is designed to provide you with tranquility and time for reflection. The workshop location is nestled in the serene woods of Whidbey Island, Washington, surrounded by the Puget Sound. We promise you fresh, clean air, and leisure time for contemplation, meditation, and nature walks.

Above all, our mission is to help you get in touch with your body and create lifelong habits that result in healthy living. We invite you to take part in this proven, progressive weight loss to wellness journey.

To register now, please contact Gayle at 1-877-315-9880 or support@drmitraray.com to reserve your space. Space is exclusively limited to 12 participants only.

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