In this issue:

1) Brain Beauty Part 2: Exercise, Hydration, Diet, and the Brain

2) Is Sleep the New Sex?

3) Green Pans

4) Killer Fish: Book Review

5) Q and A: What’s the difference between the Green Drink and Juice Plus+® Complete

Dear Reader:

Happy New Year. This is the most wonderful – and potentially most stressful – time of the year. While it’s a time to celebrate, reflect on what’s important, and be thankful for our many blessings, it’s easy to get whipped up into a holiday frenzy, and to make healthy living a lower-than-usual priority. But the holidays don’t have to be stressful and unhealthy. Three of the best things that you can do for yourselves and your loved ones this month (and every month) are to make sure you’re moving, hydrating, and resting your body.  Below, in part 2 of my three-part-series on the brain, I talk about how exercise, water, and diet affect not only your beauty, but also the health and fitness of your brain. I’ve also written about why sleep is more important than you think, and offer tips for those of you who may struggle with insomnia, or with staying asleep once you’ve gotten there.

Not happy with what you got for Christmas? Want to treat yourself to better health in 2013? Are there some late gifts you still have to send out? Here are some suggestions. First, please make sure that any non-stick cookware you’re using when you prepare those holiday feasts is Green and safe (and consider that a great frying pan makes an excellent gift for anyone who cooks for themselves or others). Read my short article below on how to find the best cookware for healthy, delicious, plant-based meals. Another great gift idea for yourself or others is the book Killer Fish. I’ve written and spoken at length about the advantages of whole flax seeds over fish oil, but this book has a great deal of additional information on the purported health benefits of fish. You can read my review of the book below.

In this month’s Q and A, I answer a reader’s query about the differences between my Green Drink recipe and Juice Plus+® Complete. The short answer is that they’re both healthy meal options, and they serve different purposes.

Here in the Pacific Northwest it’s been a chilly 38 degrees, and I know that many of you are in parts of the world where it’s even colder. As much as I love the cold weather, and all of the snow-related sports that it allows, I also find myself looking forward to the summer, and especially to my annual Beauty and Rejuvenation Retreat, held each August on Whidbey Island. If you’re in need of some pampering, in a peaceful and beautiful setting, please consider joining us. Past participants often return to the retreat, as it’s an opportunity to be surrounded by nurturing, healing education. We are offering a $250 holiday discount to anyone who registers in the next month. Use coupon code Holiday at checkout.

Have a joyous and peaceful end of 2012. Here’s to your health!

Dr. Mitra Ray