In this segment, Mitra will answer questions specific to the supplement Juice Plus+®.

Please read on for more information on the safety of Juice Plus+®, How to Take Your Juice Plus+®, Juice Plus+® and Pregnancy and more.

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Just Another Vitamin?
Is Juice Plus+® Just Another Vitamin?





How to Take Your Juice Plus+®
Dr. Ray explains the truths and myths about how to take your Juice Plus+®





The Safety of Juice Plus+®
The importance of food quality and safety with Juice Plus+®





Is Juice Plus+® Supported by Clinical Research?

Dr. Mitra Ray explains the significance of the worldwide published clinical research completed on Juice Plus+®.




Nutrition, Fitness, and Juice Plus+®

Dr. Mitra Ray explains the role of good nutrition within the framework of overall fitness.






Is Juice Plus+® Fortified?
Dr. Ray explains the idea of fortified foods and their relationship to Juice Plus+®




Gluten Free?
Is Juice Plus+® Gluten Free?




Juice Plus+® and Detoxification
How our bodies respond to improved nutrition






Does the Juicing Destroy Nutrients?

Doesn’t the process of “juicing” the fruits and veggies in JuicePlus+® destroy the nutrients?



Removing Sugar from Juice Plus+®
How is the sugar removed from Juice Plus+®?





Juice Plus+® and Pregnancy
Learn Nutrition Facts about Eating for Two.





Juice Plus+® and Nursing Mothers
Can I eat Juice Plus+ while nursing?




Weaning Your Baby
What should I feed my baby after I wean him?





Juice Plus+® and B12
I am a vegan and wonder if Juice Plus+® has enough B12?



Listing of all Vitamins and Minerals
Why do you not list all of the vitamins and minerals in Juice Plus+®?



Soy in Juice Plus+® Complete
Is the soy in Juice Plus+® Complete safe? Is there too much of it?




Number of Servings per Capsule?
How many fruits and veggie servings are in each Juice Plus+® capsule?




Vegan and Organic?
Is Juice Plus+® Vegan and Organic?



What is the ORAC value of Juice Plus+® ?
How well do the antioxidants in Juice Plus+ perform?





Impact on Blood Thinners?
Will Juice Plus+® Interfere with My Blood Thinner?




Juice Plus+® and Multiple Sclerosis
Can Juice Plus+® help with Multiple Sclerosis?





Juice Plus+® and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Does Juice Plus+® cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?




Is Juice Plus+® Alkaline to Our System?

Why fruits, vegetables and berries really are alkaline in our bodies.



Magnesium Stearate and Calcium Carbonate in Juice Plus+®
Dr. Ray explains the use of functional ingredients in our juice powders.





Nutrition and Chemotherapy
Is JuicePlus+® safe to take during chemotherapy?





Juice Plus+® and Crohn’s Disease
How would you explain the benefits of Juice Plus+® to someone that has Crohn’s Disease?





Kidney Stones & Juice Plus+®
How Juice Plus+® may impact the formation of kidney stones.