Dr. Cindy Sholes Talks About Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

This August, I held my third annual Women’s Beauty and Rejuvenation Retreat. The retreat focuses on learning to relax, rejuvenate, truly nurture and pamper your body, and bring forth your beauty from within. A key aspect of rejuvenation is regular detoxification and, happily for many people, a natural result of true detoxing is weight loss. Dr. Cindy Sholes was both a presenter and a participant at the retreat, and she wasn’t expecting to lose weight while there. Here’s what she had to say about her unexpected weight loss:

“Wow! I lost 7 pounds in one week. I’ve been so eager to share with people since I got back from Dr. Mitra Ray’s Beauty and Rejuvenation retreat in August.  How it happened (since I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, or even doing the full program), I know and yet I don’t know.

It was all about beauty, pampering, relaxing, and nurturing.

I am so inspired by my own success, and the success of the other women at the retreat, that I am continuing with a modification of the program now that I’m at home, and am still shedding pounds.  I’m a fairly active person with healthy eating habits, but I realized at the retreat that my body was storing excess fat to protect itself from the toxins in my diet and the environment. Eliminating and flushing those toxins also resulted in flushing extra pounds, and I look and feel so much better already.

The secrets-to-our-success were given to us by Dr. Mitra Ray during the retreat, and she explained the science and mental aspects of weight loss and detoxification. I can’t tell you all of the secrets but I wanted to share some so badly that I asked Dr. Ray if she would be willing to join me for a teleseminar to get you started on your journey. Together, we’ll discuss some of those secrets to effortless weight loss and ultimate health, and we want any and everyone who’s interested to join us in this free conversation.”

Watch Dr. Cindy Sholes’ video testimonial.

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