In this issue:

1) 40 at 41: A weight loss blog

2) Q and A: Colon Hydrotherapy and Enemas

3) Recipe: Hot Chocolate Buttons

Dear Reader:

Now that February is well underway, and the shine is off of the New Year, I’ve spoken with many readers who are frustrated because their resolutions to lose weight and stay healthy have already started to fade. While I never set out to become a weight loss expert – and it’s still not where I focus most of my energy – I’ve realized over the years how deeply connected weight is to all other aspects of health and wellness.

My annual Rejuvenation Retreat effectively has become a Weight Loss Retreat because when people detoxify, get enough sleep, and get fresh air daily, they lose excess weight. At my retreat, it’s easy for participants to follow the detox-and-get-healthy guidelines because they are in a beautiful, serene setting, where someone else is preparing their food while they are being pampered.

But what about the average person with a hectic day-to-day schedule? How can the Dr. Mitra Ray lifestyle be adapted to work in the real world, while still maintaining the critical components of detoxification and weight loss? To answer this question I enlisted my sister-in-law (who is also a Dr. Mitra Ray staffer, and Mom of two) to follow my program at home, on her own, and blog about her experience. You can read about her first month, and what she’s struggling with and celebrating, below.

And in a related-but-not-exclusive-to-weight-loss Q and A, I go public on the fascinating and much misunderstood topic of enemas!

Our recipe this month is a chocolate Valentine’s Day sweet that you can prepare for your Sweetie, or have your kids help you make to share with friends (instead of store-bought holiday candy).

Here’s to your health,

Dr. Mitra Ray